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Microwave Laminates

To meet our client’s needs, we offer laminates designed mainly for circuits operating at high and microwave frequencies. These materials are characterized by low loss, stable dielectric permittivity coefficient and resistance to temperature changes.


Tubes for Laser Cutting Machines

MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS provides tubes for laser cutters - high quality triodes, tetrodes, planar triodes used in CO2 lasers. We deliver tubes at very competitive prices from our partner’s warehouse located in Europe within 2-5 days as well as from our own stock. We offer brand new tubes with full warranty from top-brand manufacturers, including: CPI Eimac, Amperex, National Electronics, Thales (formerly Siemens), Toshiba.

We offer power grid tubes for laser systems and medical diagnostics equipment of renowned  manufacturers like: Amada, Bystronics, Carl Baasel Lasertechnik, Coherent, Convergent Technologies, Electrox, GE, Iowa Laser, Laser Machining Lumonics, Mazak, Philips, Photon Sources and others.

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MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers a wide range of waveguide components and sub-assemblies used in radar technology, communication and industrial microwave generators. Offered products are delivered with standard flanges or per customer’s specification.

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Microwave Heads

The microwave heads consist of a magnetron, a waveguide launcher, a transformer and an electronic system which works as an interface to the power supply (via a cable assembly). Magnetron heads are available in versions cooled with water or air, made of aluminum or stainless steel. MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers a large selection of standard magnetron heads for applications with various power supplies or the integration of complete microwave generator systems for industrial applications.

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Microwave Power Supplies

Microwave power supplies provide the voltage and current necessary to drive a magnetron or microwave generator. Typical power supplies have integrated control, control and protection systems against operating errors. MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers a wide range of power supplies for microwave applications operating in switch-mode, induction (L-C) and pulse mode.


Electron Tubes

MICRO-ACTIV provides a full range of electron tubes such as triodes, tetrodes, pentodes, IOTs, cold cathode, receiver, Geiger-Muller detection, and many others, for industrial applications, for radar systems, broadcasting networks, scientific research equipment, for radio amateurs and audiophiles.

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Fixed and Variable Attenuators

MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers all types of resistive elements used in microwave technology as:

- Fixed attenuators DC - 26.5GHz with attenuation of 1 - 60dB
- Variable step attenuators DC - 26.5GHz in the range of 0 - 110dB
- Digitally controlled electromechanical variable attenuators and digital attenuators in 
   DC - 40 GHz
  bands and 0 dB - 90 dB attenuation
- Loads
- Power dividers 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, 12-, 16-, 32-way
- DC blocks
- Flat and wing resistors from renowned producers in the USA and EU.

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Coaxial Connectors and Cables

We provide connectors and coaxial cables for most high frequency and microwave applications. We offer all currently used types of standard connectors as well and non-standard designs according to customer specifications. We have the ability to pack cables according to customer requirements.


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RF Frequency and Microwave Generators

Microwave generation systems are used to produce stable and controlled microwave power required in numerous heating processes for industrial applications. Complete microwave generation systems are available as integrated units or with a remote magnetron head. The integrated microwave generator holds all the components in a single housing, while the remote head is separated from the power supply and connected by dedicated cable assembly. All complete microwave generation systems are supplied with a power supply, magnetron head, cable assembly and isolator. MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers services in the field of design, production and integration of complete turnkey microwave generator systems for low and high power applications in the range of standard ISM frequencies in the bands 915MHz, 2450 MHz and 5.8 GHz as well as the configuration of new systems and improvement or rebuilding of existing systems according to Customer’s requirements and specifications.

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RF Transistors

Our company offers RF transistors having the ability to amplify the power of the electrical signal. They are used in analogue and digital systems. They come from renowned world famous manufacturers, who pay particular attention to the highest quality of their products.

MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers RF power transistors and hybrid modules of the world's leading manufacturers for applications in the 1 MHz to 3.5 GHz bands and output power from 5 W to 1 KW. We are focused on the full support of our clients from the design phase, prototype creation, through small lot to high volume production and "End of Life" programs ending the life of a given product.

We offer RF transistors of all types produced in Bipolar, LDMOS, MOSFET, GaAsFET, GaN and other technologies, from the following producers: AMPLEON, FREESCALE RF, HVVI, INFINEON, M / A-COM, MICROSEMI, NEC, NITRONEX,  SEMELAB, ST MICROELECTRONICS, WATKINS JOHNSON / TRIQUINT and others.

MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS also offers hard-to-find and discontinued transistors from the following series: MRF ..., MS ..., PBL ..., PMR ..., PT ..., SD ..., TPV ..., TRD ..., UML ..., UTV ..., VRF ... and others. We have BLF278, BLF368, BLV25, BLV861, BLX96, BLX97, BLX98, MRF141, MRF151G, SD1489, TPV591, TPV7025, TPV8100B in stock.

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Microwave Diodes

Our offer includes microwave diodes enabling the rectifying of AC signals with very high frequency. We offer diodes of all available types like Schottky, Gunn, PIN, tunnel, varactor and others. Our products come from renowned manufacturers such as Cobham, M / A-COM, Aeroflex-Metelics, Microsemi, Skyworks. Customers are therefore sure that they will receive from us the highest class product for precise operation and safety of use.



MICRO-ACTIV provides a wide range of pulsed magnetrons and with continuous waves. Pulsed magnetrons are with power levels from 1 kW to 3 MW in the 450 MHz to 9.9 GHz frequency range. Unique cathode constructions allow you to extend your working time up to 10,000 hours. The main applications of pulse magnetrons are radars and linear accelerators for medicine. CW magnetrons are cheap oscillators with an efficient cross-section of the microwave field used for generating continuous wave signals (CW - Continuous Wave). CW magnetrons in the S band (2450 MHz), L band (915/896 MHz) and the latest 5.89 GHz are typically used in industrial drying and heating applications requiring continuous microwave energy. MICRO-ACTIV offers direct replacements for the most common configurations in the power range of 300 W - 30 kW @ 2450 MHz, 5 kW - 100 kW @ 915/896/922 MHz and 700 W @ 5.86 GHz. These magnetrons can work on most OEM systems. MICRO-ACTIV provides consultancy in selection of magnetrons for custom-specific applications.

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MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers a wide range of professional antennas for the following applications:


  • Multi-band GNSS mobile antennas
  • Mobile antennas for high-sensitivity GPS L1 with suppression of interfering signals
  • Antennas integrated with the GPS receiver
  • Miniature Embedded ceramic antennas for installation in miniature portable GPS and network devices


Antennas for base stations

  1. Omni-directional antennas
  2. Two-polarized sector panel antennas 2.3-2.7 GHz, 3.3-3.8 GHz, 4.9-5.9 GHz
  3. Sector antennas 4.9-5.9 GHz with vertical line polarization
  4. Flat panel bi-polarization 4G LTE MIMO flat panel antennas
  5. Reflector parabolic antennas

Indoor antennas for buildings

  1. Ceiling antennas
  2. Portable antennas
  3. Wall antennas


  • Mobile antennas
  • Antennas for external base stations
  • Internal and portable antennas for buildings


  • Directional antennas for base stations
  • Built-in antennas - ceiling, wall
  • Mobile antennas · M2M external / internal Wi-Fi


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High Power Amplifiers

Ultra-Broadband SSPA
MICRO-ACTIV  Chip & Wire Hybrid Ultra broadband amplifiers feature GaN, GaAsFET discrete die on ceramic substrate covering frequency ranges from 4GHz to 26.5GHz and power levels exceeding 500W. 

Broadband SSPA
MICRO-ACTIV Broadband SSPA products feature LDMOS, GaN, GaAsFET discrete and Chip & Wire Hybrid technologies covering one octave through decades frequency ranges from 1MHz to 24.5GHz at power levels exceeding 500W for Modules and 3KW for Systems. 

Narrow band & Linear SSPA
MICRO-ACTIV  Narrowband CW and Linearized SSPA products feature LDMOS, GaN,GaAsFET discrete and Chip & Wire Hybrid technologies covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 26.5GHz at power levels exceeding  1KW for Modules and 10KW for Systems. 

Pulsed SSPA
MICRO-ACTIV  Pulse SSPA products feature LDMOS and GaN discrete and Chip & Wire technologies covering frequency ranges from 1MHz to 12GHz at power levels exceeding 1KW for Modules and 10KW for Systems


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